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Take a look at the dishes below … they will not only get your Guru meal off to a flying start but also, in our vast collection of Chef’s Specials, you will find all the tastes of our homeland. Hot dishes are clearly marked for the less adventurous but rest assured that even a mild dish from Guru will be absolutely bursting with flavours and will set your palate alight !

Chef's Specialities - Rice is not included

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Masala (mild)

Diced, boneless chicken or lamb roasted on skewers in the

tandoor and then cooked in special sauce & fresh cream.

Chicken Jal Ferezi (fairly hot)

Diced Boneless chicken grilled over clay oven then cooked

with sliced peppers, onion, green chillies & tomato.

Chicken Makhni (mild)

Diced chicken barbecued, tossed in butter and fresh cream

and served with exotic sauce.

Chicken Moglai (mild)

Chicken cooked with cream, garnished with almonds and pistachio nuts.

Chicken/Lamb Passanda (mild)

Lamb or chicken pieces cooked in fresh cream and Guru's special spices.

Chicken/Lamb Chilli Masala (hot)

Cooked with green chillies.

Chicken Tikka Bhuna (medium hot)

Diced, barbecued chicken cooked with tomato, onion and fresh herbs.

Chicken/Lamb Karahi (medium)

Pieces of mutton or chicken cooked in medium spices, tossed

dry in an iron karahi (souk).

Guru's Special Curry (medium)

Chicken cooked with king prawn with egg in medium hot spices.

Tandoori King Prawn Masala (mild)

Charcoal grilled king prawns cooked in oriental spices with cream & butter in

Guru's special recipe.

Chicken Lonkapiaza (fairly hot)

Fairly hot cooked with onion and green chillies.

Goa Delight (mild)

Chicken or lamb cooked with almonds, mixed fruits and cream.

Chicken Torkari (a touch hot)

Diced, barbequed chicken cooked with onion, peppers, tomato,

fresh vegetables and herbs.

Shahi Akbary Chicken (medium hot)

Chicken tikka cooked with Guru's own recipe; mild to medium.

Special Passanda (mild)

Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh ginger in fresh cream and a

special mild oriental sauce.

Bombay Podina (medium)

Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh mint & a splash of spring onions & potato.

Special Chicken/Lamb Jal Ferezi (hot)

Chicken & king prawn cooked with onion, peppers, green chillies & tomato.

Garlic Chilli Chicken/Lamb (medium)

Cooked with fresh garlic& green chillies.

Chicken/Lamb Delight (medium)

Chicken, thinly sliced and cooked with fresh garlic, chopped onions,

peppers & mushrooms.

Rajeswari Chicken or Lamb (fairly hot)

Barbecued Chicken or Lamb with green chillies, garlic and

black pepper, served in a thick sauce.

Special Mixed Curry (fairly hot)

Chicken, lamb, prawns & chicken tikka, cooked to a special

recipe with our own herbs & spices.

Tapeli Chicken (mild)

Cooked with fresh garlic, soy sauce, medium spices and top with cream and coriander.  Highly recommended.




















































Mixed Kebab

Served with chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and onion bhajee.

Chicken Pakora

Chicken and onion with spices and flour, deep-fried.

Garlic Mushrooms

Fried with onion and garlic and light spices.

Garlic Tikka

Marinated chicken with special garlic sauce served on puree bread

Chili Chicken

Chicken cooked with soy sauce and spices served on puree bread.

Prawn Puri

Prawn cooked with special spices and herbs served over crispy bread.

King Prawn Puri

King Prawn cooked with special spices and herbs served over crispy bread.


Minced meat spiced and in thin pastry.

Onion Bhajee

Sliced onion mixed with gram flour and spiced deep-fried.

Shamee Kebab

Finely minced lamb flavoured with spices, green herbs and fried.

Tandoori Chicken

Chicken marinated in yoghurt & special spices, cooked in clay oven.

Lamb Tikka

Lamb garnished with rich home-prepared spices, barbecued in a clay oven.

Chicken Tikka

Diced chicken marinated with mild spices and barbecued in a clay oven.

Sheek Kebab

Minced lamb with onions, special herbs and spices, cooked in a clay oven.

Tandoori Garlic Chicken

King Prawn Butterfly

King prawn marinated in special Indian herbs and fried.

Hot & Spicy

Chicken thinly sliced cooked with chopped onion, pepper and green chillies.

Chicken Chatt

Chicken cooked with lemon juice and Chatt Masala.

Aloo Chatt

Spicy Chatt

Chicken cooked with lemon juice, chillies and chatt masala (hot).

Tandoori Specialities - All dry dishes.

Tandoori Chicken (MAIN)

Tender chicken marinated in our own special recipe and barbecued.

Chicken Tikka (MAIN)

Mildly marinated diced chicken roasted on skewers in the Tandoor.

Lamb Tikka (MAIN)

Pieces of lamb marinated in a blend of spices and cooked in the Tandoor.

Tandoori King Prawns

King prawns marinated in special spices and cooked in the Tandoor.

Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken (MAIN)

Chicken marinated In yoghurt green chillies and garlic with special spices.

Tandoori Mixed Grill

Assortment of Tandoori Dishes served with garlic nan.

Hot & Spicy Chicken (MAIN) (Fairly Hot)

Thin sliced chicken cooked with chopped onion, pepper & green chillies.